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CheapTickets - Cost Of Basketball

Learn how we turned people’s love of stats into engaging conversations and traffic for CheapTickets.


CheapTickets is an online travel services company focusing on the leisure market, offering airline tickets, hotel and vacation rentals, rental cars, customized vacation packages, and sport event tickets.


Raise awareness of the company’s NBA ticket offerings, and galvanise basketball fans into booking through CheapTickets.


Research showed us why people often shared NBA-related content: competitiveness. Fans liked content that gave them bragging rights over rivals. Journalists were constantly writing about league tables and statistics, whether it was “most hoops scored” or most conceded. We set out to start new conversations.

It’s impossible to predict which team would finish first in the league, but we could show who was best based on cost and value. In alignment with the brand message of CheapTickets, we ranked teams in order, from cheapest to most expensive. Fans, the media and teams now had a fresh competitive angle – who is the cheapest team to support



Increase in visits to ‘Basketball tickets’ page

  • 19% bounce rate
  • 50% click throughs to main product pages
  • 2:00 average time on page


The project also achieved six media mentions, including ones from the Brooklyn Nets website and BuzzFeed. Average page visits per session increased to four.


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