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September 22, 2016

Caliber’s Interns Receive Commendations at YCN Student Awards 2016


A couple of our fresh-faced content marketing interns have received Commendations for their talents at the You Can Now Student Awards in London. But what do Jake Bartanus and Diana Skof have to say about the experience? I caught up with them to find out…

What is the YCN award?

It’s the YCN, which stands for You Can Now. We actually thought it stood for Young Creative Network – or something like that – until the ceremony. That’s what we told everyone! They do student awards, but also professional awards. Both advertising and design students are considered in different categories.

What was the winning idea?

The brief emphasised Gap’s rich heritage within the denim industry, and that was the main focus of the assignment. Our solution, to showcase this heritage, was an interactive look book that takes users back to the time and place where Gap was created – the streets of San Francisco in 1969.

The idea is almost like a little game. There have been a lot of digital look books released already, so we wanted to provide an immersive, authentic online experience.

Users can go to an online milkshake bar, choose a typical 60s song, interact with a set of outfits and interact with other people. Clicking on a specific outfit gives them the option to go directly to the Gap online store. It then connects users with the best outfit matches and accessories to suit their selection. That’s how we tried to communicate the essence of the brand.

Over and above this, we wanted to connect the online world to the offline, so we provided the option to send an actual 1969-styled postcard to friends and family from the game.


What was your inspiration for the campaign?

We looked at all the briefs over a five hour overlay at Amsterdam Airport and eventually picked the Gap challenge. Even though we did consider a brief for the Royal Opera House, Gap just felt more exciting.

We came up with the idea pretty fast. Soon after that we asked our two classmates – Megan and Mirjam – to come on board, so that we’d have a stronger team. It wasn’t really stressful, as there were four of us and we had a lot of time.

What was the big night like?

We watched a video of the night from around three years ago, when Marriott Hotels sponsored YCN. This meant that we expected a full fancy dinner :).

It was in the Barbican Centre in London – a very nice venue. There were four key speakers from the industry who presented the awards and then we had an after party in a botanical garden, where there was live jazz music and a harpist.

Our work was displayed, so we could talk about it and network a little bit with other students. We didn’t meet that many people though, the party was short and we were out by 10:30. We just went to McDonald’s afterwards!

What did Gap think about the idea?

We were lucky that the marketing team at Gap UK really wanted to meet us and talk about our project. Not all of the sponsors established a relationship with the students.

Gap even invited us to London a couple of months ago, to have breakfast at their offices in Mayfair and speak to the team. Their showroom looked particularly slick. The whole experience was really enriching.


The best bit is that Jake and Diana’s work will be showcased in London, inside Gap’s flagship store on Oxford Street. You can check it out during the weekend of 24th – 25th September! We certainly think they deserve a pat on the back for pulling this off.

Our interns have been on fire this summer. If you want to find out what a day in the life of an intern at Caliber is like, take a look at Vikki Walsh’s blog posted in July.


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