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August 5, 2016
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So You Think You Have What It Takes to be a Copywriter?



You’ve got the vocabulary, the voice, the vision. Your timing is immaculate, your cadence almost musical. Your writing talents stretch to any style, any audience. You hurtle through deadlines like a Japanese bullet train.


You’re a chameleon, a fearsome creature of the night, the mastermind behind SEO optimised blogposts all over the internet. Bylines are for chumps – you don’t need one. You know you’re good. You can do it all.


You’re a great listener too. And you write poems on the side. They say you’re the best. What’s a little grammar test to you? Child’s play.



On a serious note, suspect spelling and shaky grammar are bad news for content marketers. A misplaced apostrophe can mean the difference between a client win and an embarrassing non-starter.


People naturally gravitate towards your mistakes. Especially people who are paying money for your services. Even if your tone of voice is impeccable, you can bet someone is going to pull you up on that sloppy dangling modifier. And if it isn’t the client that catches you out, it will be an internet troll. How embarrassing.


Make sure your copy is hot shit every time by hiring an agency with a dedicated editorial department. Preferably Caliber.


So, how did you do in the quiz?


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