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March 20, 2017
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What to Expect During an Internship at an SEO Agency



After starting a six-week copywriting internship with Caliber in July last year, I ended up staying with the company for a further eight months! During that time, I’ve written blog posts, web pages and product pages for Caliber’s clients. I’ve also learned a whole bunch about where to find free to use images and how to optimise content for the web and search engines.
Paid internships are rare and incredibly important. They give people from less privileged backgrounds the chance to learn, grow and prove their talent. Without this opportunity from Caliber, I’d still be working into the wee hours in the hospitality industry. Want to know how to make the most of your internship? Then read on!

Don’t be afraid to ask

There’s a reason that everyone offers this advice – and that’s because it’s true! You should never, ever be afraid to ask a question. Asking a silly (or not so silly) question may cause a little personal embarrassment. But asking is far better than sitting and struggling on your own for half an hour before plucking up the courage to ask or stumbling upon the answer at random.
Leading on from this, never sit twiddling your thumbs once you’ve finished a task. Pass your completed work on to the relevant person and make your colleagues aware that you’re ready to start on something new. If your internship is only six weeks long, then you need to make the most of every moment to expand your skillset and learn what you can.

Read widely and read often

When you do have some downtime between tasks, reading marketing websites like The Drum and Hubspot can help you to get a better idea of the marketing industry as a whole. Plus, if you’re a copywriter, reading different things will help you to keep your writing fresh. Find a writer or website that inspires you and get reading! For me, catching up with NYMag’s weekly Ask Polly advice column every Wednesday is a must.

Listen and take notes

Whenever you come across a new term, write it down with the definition in the back of a notebook. Similarly, any useful websites or tools that you use regularly are worth taking a note of as well. When it comes to applying for jobs elsewhere and polishing up your CV so that it’s up to date, this list will be invaluable. Mentioning specific tools that you’re experienced with using on a day to day basis can help you to stand out and could even become a talking point in an interview!

Get involved in everything

One of the best things about this SEO agency is that the company runs regular events to encourage people from different departments (and floors!) to get chatting. This year, Caliber is fundraising for three local charities – Rape Crisis Scotland, Stoa School and Ronald Macdonald House – and many of 2017’s lunchtime events will also act as fundraising opportunities. As an intern, it’s important to get involved in these extra activities as much as possible. Chat to your colleagues, ask about their interests outside of work as well as their role within the business. If you want to learn more then try and arrange a training session in a team that interests you.
Internships are a great way to get a feel for potential career paths, to begin networking and to expand and understand your existing skillset. Making the most of your opportunity is mostly about showing up with an active interest in your work and putting your all into what your daily tasks. Do that and you’ll leave with new contacts, new skills and the work experience to drive your career forward.

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