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November 25, 2016
Digital Olympus

It’s time to embrace integrated organic media… and make sure you watch Digital Olympus!


Many years ago SEOs and brand marketers never mixed. SEOs worked on what they called on-site and off-site optimisation, and brand marketers, well, they built the brand.


Fast forward to 2016 and brand presence is very much part of a modern, integrated organic marketing team. If a brand is trusted and recognised, then users will be much more likely to click through to that website in the future. And more likely to stay on the site longer too.


Good SEOs nowadays know the important part that brand plays as part of the organic marketing mix and good brand marketers recognise the importance of SEO.


But it’s not only just about your business brand. Something else that’s related, and another important part of the recipe of modern online success, is your personal brand. If an audience trusts you and believes in you, then you can pass some of that personal brand equity onto the business that you work for, and vice versa. Online authority acts as a river of trust.

So how do you build your personal brand?

For me it’s about leveraging content marketing opportunities that you’re particularly passionate about, knowing where your target audience resides, and stitching those two areas together in a way that builds an audience who appreciates the value you provide.


Personally, I love podcasting. I’m passionate about producing top quality audio and interviewing the best digital marketers around the world.


But podcasting alone is probably not enough. That’s why over the past couple of years I’ve been experimenting with integrating the power of podcasting, live video streaming and online events.


And of course, the more events that you host yourself, the more events you’ll get invited to speak at yourself. Thus enhancing personal brand authority and therefore your business brand awareness and trust as well.

Digital Olympus


Talking about online events, Caliber has recently been invited to partner with Digital Olympus, the free online digital marketing conference. And it’s an event that I’ll be speaking at, too.


I’m going to be speaking on “5 Steps from Podcasting to Hosting Your Own Online Live Event”. However, if that topic doesn’t catch your imagination, I’d thoroughly recommend that you check out the rest of the speakers and their topics here. The event will be running all day on Tuesday the 6th December.

It’s time to embrace integrated organic media

It’s a challenging, exciting time to be an organic marketer. We now live in a world where must accept that integration is key if we are to be competing at the top of our chosen fields.


Consumers have multiple touch points prior to deciding whether or not to purchase a product or service and it’s important for today’s modern marketers to recognise that in the organic marketing world, integrated thinking can make all the difference.


What once may have been considered as creative new media that sat as a silo is now much more likely to be an important cog that’s part of a bigger organic marketing machine.

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