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July 19, 2016

A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketing Intern


SEO, link building, CTA, anchor text – these buzzwords will be second nature to anyone who works in digital marketing. But for a literature undergrad who had never even worked in an office before, never mind a digital agency, there was a lot to learn when I started my copywriting internship with Caliber’s editorial team.
Describing a typical day in the life of a Caliber intern is no easy task, because each day throws up something new. The work is varied and challenging, and one thing I can promise to future Caliber interns is that you definitely won’t get bored. Here’s how my day might go…


After the short walk to the office, I’ll start the day with an all-important cup of tea before getting started on whatever I’m currently working on. Usually, this means writing blog posts for Caliber’s clients. Right from day one I’ve had the chance to write all sorts of on and off-site copy.

Something I’ve enjoyed about working for an agency is getting to engage with clients in different industries, each with its own specific audience. A lot of the copy I write is for travel companies, and working on this kind of content suits me just fine, even if it does leave me battling with some serious wanderlust.

In any single day, however, I could be writing about Caribbean islands, interior decorating tips, or even coming up with ideas for blog posts about cars. Looks like all those ‘transferable’ research skills I’ve picked up at uni might come in useful after all…


Once lunch rolls around, I usually head out with the other interns for a bite to eat. We’re lucky that Caliber’s Edinburgh office is in such a convenient location – our favourite thing to do is wander down to the Shore in Leith, although competition for a waterside bench can be fierce at peak lunch hour. Stomachs satisfied at the end of our lunch break, we’ll head back to the office for the afternoon.


In between bouts of writing, I’ll sometimes have meetings in the afternoons as well. These can be anything – creative content sharing, a briefing on a project that I’m going to be working on, handover meetings if someone is going to be out of the office on holiday. Getting involved in meetings like this makes you feel like a valued part of the team. I’ve definitely never felt relegated to the ‘intern left to do the filing’ stereotype while I’ve been here.

One of the best things about Caliber is how closely everyone works together, so even though I’m a copywriting intern, I’ve been able to see how other parts of the company work. I’ve had editorial training, done inductions with other teams like Link Development, and even just learnt a lot from chatting to people about the projects they’re working on.

Other fun bits and pieces

Everyone at Caliber works incredibly hard, but it’s not all work and no play in the office. While I’ve been here, there have been birthday celebrations and cake every week – including for my own 21st! I also got to enjoy a day out at the Musselburgh Races for the company summer party, where we spotted the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. As interns, I feel like we’ve been warmly welcomed into the Caliber family and that has made it a fantastic experience.

Takeaway thoughts

There’s been a lot of learning throughout my placement at Caliber, and I’ve had a real insight into an industry that, in hindsight, I didn’t know much about. One of the things that has surprised me most about copywriting is the more technical side of writing for web, and the way you have to adapt your style accordingly.

In my academic writing I’m a notorious rambler, so it took me a few weeks to get into the shorter, snappier blog post style, and to adopt brand voices in my writing. I’ve been lucky to have a lot of help from the editorial team along the way, so I couldn’t write a blog post about my Caliber experience without a shoutout to everyone who has made time to give me feedback and answer my sometimes neverending barrage of questions!

I’ve also learnt a lot about using keywords, linking, developing editorial calendars, coming up with effective headlines – in short, countless useful skills that I hope to use not only in my career, but also to improve my own blog. I’ve been introduced to a lengthy collection of useful articles and tools along the way.

5 Most Helpful Content Marketing Links


• HubSpot’s examples of effective copywriting were a great point of reference at the start of my internship, when I was still wrapping my head around a new way of writing.

• BuzzSumo’s guide to writing clickable headlines describes a formula for headline creation, complete with examples from successful sites.

• The Coschedule headline analyser tool gives your headlines a score, and offers pointers on how to improve it. Together, this and the BuzzSumo guide have pointed me in the direction of mastering the viral headline.

Answer the Public lets you enter keywords, and will come up with content and question suggestions based on what people are searching for. This one is a big help for coming up with blog post ideas.

The Hemingway Editor analyses the readability of your text and highlights areas for improvement. Inspired by Hemingway’s own economical style, it leaves no room for waffling, so it was exactly what I needed to help change my own writing style.

Working at Caliber has given me a lot of food for thought, and sparked an interest in pursuing a career in creative content marketing. As my internship is drawing to a close, one thing I can safely say is that pressing ‘send’ on my application back in April is a decision I don’t regret.

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Image by Jurgen Appelo used under CC License.

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