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September 17, 2013

5 Features To Maximise Your Twitter Success (and 2 just for fun!)


Twitter is seven years old

Twitter is now seven years old, has over 500 million users worldwide, and has seen more than 170 billion tweets go out from its platform. In short, it’s been rather successful.

The current reigning champion in the social media world for breaking news and a journalistic favourite, Twitter is holding firm and the backbone of most social media campaigns.

So how do you make the most of the channel? We run through five of the best tools and apps for a more comprehensive user-experience (and three just for fun!):

1. Topsy

Topsy this week enabled Twitter users to see a complete history of their public tweets, searchable by published time frame or from your first ever tweet.

For the curious who want to see what they used to care about (memory, what’s that again?) or for journalists to rummage through stars’ old forgotten tweets at the touch of a button, Topsy just saved the Twitter World a whole lot of time.

From Bieber’s first desperate tweets at building a fan base (yes, it’s true!) to the first encounters of someone called Obama (?)

Topsy allows you to go back to the early days of Twitter
Image from

Topsy is also a very useful tracking tool for any Twitter campaign. The platform allows you to type in a link, keyword or hashtag and aggregates all of the mentions of that term in a specific timeframe.

Influential and highly influential users who have engaged with your content, are easily highlighted. This ensures your campaign continues to be targeted and data driven.

Topsy now offers paid packages but the majority of its services are free. Definitely one to bookmark and use regularly.

2. Twitter Vine

Twitter was the first to offer a video app to their platform (closely followed by Instagram) whereby users could edit snapshots into a six-second, looping video. These videos are then uploaded through the Vine app and tweeted. The videos play only once the link has been clicked (pre-extended videos are reserved for those willing to pay Twitter’s advertising costs).

Videos are easy to make, using a start-stop motion and offering a ghosting button, which allows the user to be more creative and remain on the same spot as the previous scene.

The creative output from the Vine community just keeps getting better and better, with brands such as General Electric using the platform to make their somewhat bland-seeming product look cool.


GE is a great example of how initiatives from social media platforms open up the possibility of brands visualising their offering in a much more creative way. Vine videos, however creative, are supposed to look home-made and have an aspect of ‘behind the scenes’. This provides an alternative and visual insight which a week’s worth of tweets just cannot provide.

Follow our occasional #vinefriday run down on the Caliber blog; the best and most creative picks on Vine!

3. Buffer

In BufferApp’s own words, it is “a smarter way to share”. Why spend more time on social posting and scheduling than you need to? It already takes enough time!

Buffer allows you to upload the content you want to share across multiple social networks, shorten links, select a time and timezone, and it then posts them. Simples.

But how is that different from Hootsuite and Tweetdeck?

Buffer has a few unique features which make it a much more rounded product than those above. The first is a Chrome extension. Added to your toolbars, you can now find content to share throughout the day as you surf, and select to post now or later. Just by taking that one step out, your social media hours are already reduced.

It is available on so many apps and extensions that the user experience is doubled from that of traditional social media aggregators. Teams can be added to ensure accurate workflow and visibility.

Statistics are provided and comprehensive analytics which influence what types of posts you should be tweeting, and when.

Buffer allows you to save time when working with social media


4. Simply Measured

Simply Measured’s free reports are excellent. They cover almost every platform (holding out for the Pinterest report coming soon!) and if you are not paying monthly for a comprehensive tool, this is a must in order to accurately see growth.

Competitor and tweet analysis is offered, customer service insights (are you living up to expectations from your followers?) and follower demographics. The reports highlight what subjects your followers care about, who they are and offers insight into how to adapt your current strategy.

The customer service aspect of the reports is essential. How long did you or your team take on average to respond to queries; and what were the implications of that? For a free report this one is very comprehensive.

5. The Social Radio 

The Social Radio tunes into your Twitter timeline or Facebook feed, and allows its users to listen to their tweets and posts. Yes, you heard that right!

Not just for those with busy lives who can’t stop and read a tweet, the radio app integrates your favourite music and updates for a unique and socially-enabled mash up. It sources up-and-coming bands to offer users the chance to discover new music, something that a lot of users appreciate social media for. This is a unique and creative app, allowing you to get more from what could be a potentially slow day on Twitter.

The Social Radio keeps you where it's at
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6. The Tweet Parade

Sadly, it looks like this site is no longer up, but it still deserves a mention for being utterly hilarious!

Feeling down, no retweets and mentions all week? Still waiting to be @kaynewest’s first followee? Then why not throw yourself a Twitter parade!

A ridiculous but rather brilliant, egotistical and insane website, Twitter Parade makes your own little parade from your followers. With you as the leader (obvs) all of your Twitter followers march behind you spouting their latest tweets, letting you play Twitter God just for the day.

Quirky and odd, but oh so slightly brilliant.

Tweet Parade was a fun way to feel important!
All hail the Twitter King! Image from

7. The Print Effect 

Ever wondered just how addicted you are to Twitter, or how much of your life you have invested into 140 character statuses?

If the answer is yes, then why not give The Print Effect a go; simply enter your Twitter handle and out pops a cute visualisation of what your timeline would be like if it was printed.

Fun and creative. And that’s about it.

Find out how your tweeting looks printed out

Which Twitter tools couldn’t you live without? Spotted any creative or hilarious new apps – leave us a comment! 

Erin Simons is Social Media Account Director at Caliber. Connect with her on Google+.

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