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August 21, 2013

5 Features For A Better Pinterest Experience


Pinterest is still a strong force in social media

Although it’s not been making social media headlines recently, Pinterest is still fighting fit and going strong. With more than 70 million users worldwide (as of July 2013) and the most followed brand on Pinterest having over 4.4 million followers, the potential for brand success is clear.

But many brands and marketers are still wary of Pinterest; not knowing which tools to use to measure success clearly, or which apps to help optimise pins. Pinterest’s own analytics leaves much to the imagination, and others have changed their names (and servers) multiple times, leaving a clear space for a comprehensive package.

Here are just five features available to enhance your Pinterest experience (be sure to bookmark!):

1. PinHog (available on Google Play store)

PinHog enables you to get around the extra data charges that heavy mobile Pinterest use can incur when not connected to wifi. Many a time have I received notifications of being close to my data limit, following a delayed and disrupted train journey home. Cue two hours of pinning on 3G and huge data bills come the next month!

This feature-packed app carries many of the core features of Pinterest itself, allowing users to also browse offline and see boards and pins from those you follow. Its scheduled download feature allows you to bookmark favourite pinners and topics, and it will automatically download content for you to browse offline.

With the ability to also schedule in when you want to post your pins, this offers a unique feature for marketers and cements PinHog’s place in your must-have Pinterest apps.

PinHog allows you to schedule posts

2. Pinstamatic

It’s been around for a wee while, but Pinstamatic is still a simple, slick and extremely useful tool. The original way to pin more than just images, the platform doesn’t limit the content you can share.

With options to pin locations and maps, music, written text and quotes, tweets (great for events) and most recently spotify playlists – the potential is endless.

The options available are fantastic for data and other content types, which are not as visually pleasing as the rest of the popular content on Pinterest. This opens the door for numerous campaigns and doesn’t limit the success you can experience by sharing content here.

Pinstamatic allows you to pin all sorts of content
Turn your data into pinnable content with Pinstamatic

3. Wisestamp 

This app allows you to add a Pinterest box to your email sidebar or footer, and increase the reach of your pins and profiles.

Aside from all of your on-platform Pinterest activity, seeding your content and amplifying your profile are essential steps to increasing engagement on your pins and traffic to your site.

Increase the reach of your pins and profile with Wisestamp
Wisestamp Pinterest email app

4. Snapito

This useful site (also available for your bookmark toolbar) allows you to get around those sites which do not show any pinnable content using the original ‘pin it’ button. The precursor to Pinstamatic, these guys are well versed in Pinterest use and how best to improve user experience.

Snapito takes screenshots of any website you type in or click on, allowing you to research and create boards with ease and speed. It’s great for marketers curating boards around narratives, styles, successful campaigns and competitors.

Snapito allows you to easily pin screenshots

5. Simply Measured Pinterest Report

This free report is currently allowing sign-up for its Beta release and will hopefully be available as a free resource soon. Although not out yet, it will be one to keep an eye on as its offering will most likely be the most accurate and comprehensive of the free tools.

Pinpuff, Reachli (formerly Pinerly) and Pin Reach (now defunct) are just some of the Pinterest tools offering reporting and benchmarking for your campaigns and pins. However, the unreliable nature of the tools means that it is often impossible to compare the same metrics month on month – useless for reporting to clients. Many tools have been and gone, changed name and offered limited reporting.

Reachli appears above all to have sorted its platform out and, with a slicker appearance and system, be the most reliable of the current Pinterest tools. Simply Measured’s offering, whenever it may be released, will still however be my best bet for a truly accurate report and oversight.

What tools, apps or features do you find the most helpful whilst using Pinterest?

Erin Simons is Social Media Account Director at Caliber. Connect with her on Google+.


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